Ricola_2525 (holaricola) wrote,

Irrational House of Pancakes

Don’t go to the Irrational House of Pancakes. The wheels broke free from the cornfield and went right upstairs to Whispies. You know how that is. And when Greenland overtakes them they’ll think it was Iceland. That’s always funny to watch. They never get it right. Does anybody know why there is a covered wagon inscribed on the back of Big Boy’s head? If it were 1955 I would, I guess. I’m not a big fan of 2014. That’s when the orange hits Mo and he kicks the chair in anger. But you digress. I thought of something the other day. If motion sickness is a disease then why does the latitude change in August and not for good? If you know then let me know. I have to re-record I Will Always Love You in a man’s voice so women will buy it. Then I’ll be rich. Suckers. I will invent a hot air balloon and fly it over waters in case it gets a hole from being a turtle. If wheels were natural then it would get even with dad. I hope this helps.
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